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terminal maintenance
track maintenance
summer inspection
wire rope inspection
material consumption
Archiving of closed shedules



You always have an overview of pending tasks!

Your completed tasks can be tracked at any time in the archive!

You can also add to each shedule documents, material consumption, people or time!


The Shedule Administration is one of the essential functions of Mountain Office. In collaboration with manufacturers and public authorities the special requirements of the industry were taken into consideration.

Manufacturers Shedules:
The intervals range from daily,weekly, monthly, annually, every two years, every ten years, etc. This is to be determined in accordance with the manufacturer's data (business and maintenance instructions).

Statutory Shedules:
Mountain Office manages a multitude of shedules which has to be taken in account for the ropeways industry. Magnetic wire rope inspections tested by an inspection agency or an accredited testing company, non destructive testing, fire protection, water tests, or testing by authority etc.

Other Further Shedules:
Of course, other shedules of the most diverse kind can be managed with Mountain Office. All finished and past shedules can be stored in archive, in which at any time can be viewed and or retrieved. Who, when, where, and what were performed in the arrangement. Photos, records, test results, or other documents can be added to the completed data. Maintenance staff manually completed checklists can be incorporated in the database or simply put into digital form.